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Faultless Linen Service AreaFaultless Healthcare Linen was established in 1896 by Sam and Cora Spence and eventually grew into the healthcare textile laundry company that it is today. The 4th generation of the Spence family still owns and operates the company. Over the years, Faultless has evolved from a domestic laundry service to one of the most recognized healthcare linen rental and laundry companies in the Midwest. The healthcare industry is the only market served and the company's entire focus reflects years of experience in satisfying the needs of  healthcare clients.

Medical Laundry

Our medical laundry facilities use only the most advanced technologies available, which emphasize hygienically clean linen, environmental sensitivities, utility consumption efficiency and overall production efficiency. Our production systems allow for processing the most complex healthcare items for specialized practices up to large volume healthcare textile needs. The result is an overall product and service experience for our clients that accentuate their expectations for infection prevention and added value services.

HLAC Certified 

HLACFaultless Linen Medical Linen Service is the gold standard for healthcare textile excellence and all of Faultless' plants are HLAC certified laundries. Our consciousness towards the prevention of cross contamination is further demonstrated in the fact that we do not serve industries that may be exposed to petro-chemical, animal food processing or food service items. There are many viable businesses to serve those facilities, but Faultless knows that healthcare textiles should be processed and managed in healthcare only textile processing facilities.

Saint Louis and Kansas City Medical Linen Cleaning

Our information system ("FLICS" - Faultless Linen Inventory Control Solutions) provides our customers with real time data that illustrates industry benchmarking, linen utilization and pounds per adjusted patient day trends. FLICS can be utilized in mobile applications with our staff or our customers' staff or in traditional desktop applications.

Please contact Faultless Linen at 800-676-2373 to have all of your questions about scrub rental and healthcare linen answered by our professionals. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Nothing speaks louder about a product or service than the opinion of a current customer.  That's why, when choosing a linen provider, we encourage you to ask other Faultless Linen customers about their experiences.  We have included a few letters from our customers below.

 "I have been working with Faultless Linen for the last couple of months and am pleased to share that they have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of our practice. They have taken the time to get to know us personally, have made special accommodations for the delivery of our linens and have provided us with top notch customer service. Each of my service requests have been answered in an immediate fashion. I highly recommend Faultless for all of your linen needs!"

Cindy K. Bergmeier, MBA
Practice Manager
Midwest Cardiology Associates

Faultless Healthcare Linen Is A Proud Member Of MEDtegrity