Medical Linens - Environmentally Friendly Laundry

Environmentally Friendly Laundry ServiceRespect for nature and sound business practices are incorporated into our laundry company's framework to benefit the environment and the customers we serve with their medical linen needs. We are working to safeguard the environment from waste materials.

Healthcare Linen

Faultless Healthcare Linen provides service to medical csutomers in the St. Louis and Kansas City metopolitan areas. We provide laundry services for: nursing scrubs, doctor's coats, surgical scrubs, hospital bedding, OB/GYN scrubs, nursing home professional scrubs, gowns, cubicle curtains, towels, sheets, pillow cases, and much more. We will pick up your dirty linens, clean them properly, and have them delivered back to you on time.

Facts About Our Medical Laundry Company's Eco-Friendly Approaches

Listed below are a few interesting bits of information about our company's approach to providing environmentally-friendly services:Missouri Water Environment Association

    • Faultless Linen reclaims 95% of the heat from our waste water & boiler discharge to warm incoming water.
    • Our locations continue to obtain yearly honors from the Missouri Water Environment Association for continually meeting and going above the standards of discharge water. 
    • Faultless makes a substantial yearly investment in energy efficient devices.
    • Our utilization of portable computers by our delivery workers decreases paper use by 80%.
    • We recycle 75% of all hangers.
    • A number of our linens are created to be laundered in lower water temps and may endure over a hundred washings. This saves energy and decreases landfill waste.
    • Our dust mops consist of up to 93% post-consumer recycled materials.
    • We limit spikes in natural gas with revolutionary hedge fund purchasing.
    • Our fleet is actually transitioning over to more effective automobiles getting considerably better miles per gallon and decreasing diesel emissions.

Please contact Faultless Linen at 800-676-2373 to learn more about our services. We are eager to assist you with all of your healthcare linen needs in the near future. So, call now!





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